Monday, April 11, 2011

A virtual race?

I've been seeing these pop up since I started reading more running blogs, and I like the idea.  Basically they give you a time frame in which to do the race (whatever the distance may be) you run it and send them results.  Some send out personalized bibs, some have prizes and all are for fun.  I didn't realize this before, but race fees can add up quickly, and the nicer ones can cause sticker shock.  We are a family on a [tight] budget and this running habit can get costly.  I love the idea of having a race to push myself for (to keep me honest in my training) without the damage to my bank account.
That said, I have signed up for my first virtual race.  The Jelly Bean, by Run with Jess.  This is one of the fun ones, meaning the prizes are randomly drawn and you don't have to send a picture of your tracker to authenticate.  I'm excited because it is the week after my first race and will keep me going.  I have eight weeks after this before I start training for my 10k and I really want things to keep me motivated. So, if any of you are feeling up to it (and you don't have to run, remember?  No time limit, just do it) join the Jelly bean race with me!


  1. In have found these from reading other running blogs too. I am also participating in this one. I think they are fun.

  2. That's actually how I found out about it. I'm excited to have a new goal after saturday!