Saturday, April 16, 2011

I did it!!!! Run from Violence 5k

I made it!  I ran my first 5k today, and it felt amazing!  

Last night, at 9:00 p.m.  I finally sat down to create my playlist.  Music is a big deal for me when I run, sometime just for the beat sometimes for the words.  I decided to time certain songs with my planned running times.  "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot for 20 minutes in when I know I would be losing speed and need a kicker to get going and the final countdown for the end {hopefully}  when I would want to sprint to the finish.  Music was done, now time to decide how I wanted to run this thing.

I had been debating between my weekday pattern of 2:30 running and 1:00 walking or my weekend of .25 miles each.  I usually go faster over all with the time pattern, but I really wanted to try to run quarter miles pieces.  In the end, I programed my coaching with the distance pattern so I would know far I had gone and how far to go.

Sleep pretty much eluded me last night, it reminded me of the night before competition in my color guard days.  I kept going over things in my mind playing different scenarios of how it would go.  All too soon the sun was up and it was time to get ready.  The race was to start at 10 which was both good and bad. Good because the family got to come with me, bad because it gave my nerves more time to build up.  I got to the race early, picked up my registration and was ready to go.  My girls were another story.  S was ready for a nap and M just wanted to run.  I decided to let my hubby go home because it would be 45 minutes before the race would start and I planned on another 45 before I would cross the finish line.  He took off and I felt a bit alone.  Now would have been a good time for a running partner.  It wasn't too long before I met some other really nice ladies (two doing their first 5k as well) who let me visit with them while we waited.  Talking with them really calmed my nerves and it was nice to meet new people.  

Finally they had us all line up at the starting line so I got out my phone to start the runkeeper.  Looked to make sure my gps was working signal!  They were just about ready to start I wouldn't be able to track anything *GASP* what was I going to do?  I quickly tried to change to my timed plan so I would at least know how long I had run.  In the middle of doing that my signal popped up, so I switched back and by that time we were off.  Then, my music shut off, I can't run without my music.  I decided to take a little bit of time to figure out what was happening.  I don't really know what was wrong, but I got everything working again and took off.  Not the way I wanted to start things out.

The first mile went by and I finally settled into a rhythm, running and walking.  Then the second mile was a trail.  I'm so used to running on my sidewalk that the little ups and downs of the second mile kind of threw me for a loop.  I was walking much more than I had planned.  When the coaching came on and told me I was going at a 13:40 pace I was convinced it was wrong.  I had walked so much, there was no way.  I kept going, just trying to finish.  The third mile came up along with "Dare You to Move."  I knew I needed to try to run again.  I had walked nearly 1/2 mile and I needed to pick up the pace if I was going to get anywhere near my goal.
Looks like walking, feels like running :)
I started running, still convinced that something was wrong with runkeeper and that it was going to take me more than 45 minutes.  Finally, just as the finish line came into view "The final countdown" beat in my ears and I knew I could do it.  One foot in front of the other, I committed to running to the end.  As I moved along, my little family came into view.  A wonderful husband who supported my goal, watched the kids for me and just loved me.  Two beautiful girls, so anxious to see there mommy and for whom I want to be the best example of health.  Suddenly I was overcome with emotions.  I can do this.   I can finish for them and for me. Then I saw the time board.  42:37! I did it!  I made my goal of under 45 minutes and my runkeeper had been working.  I must have pushed myself so much harder than I thought during the running intervals and did some major speed walking.  I've heard people talk about the high they get from a race, how it pushes them faster than they had gone during their training.   That's what happened to me!  Afterward, I couldn't stop grinning.  And remember those ladies I mentioned earlier?  One of them was waiting at the end too, congratulating me for finishing.  People are truly amazing.
My girls watching me cross the finish line
There aren't enough words to describe how I feel.  In two short months I went from barely being able to run/walk for ten minutes to finishing 3.1 miles in 42 minutes.  From a 15:51 pace to 13:57!  Then there are the other benefits: more energy, better stamina, increase in overall happiness, and all my new friends in the running world.  I can't wait to see what the next four months will bring as I prepare for my 10k.  Thanks for all of your support and interest as I've begun my journey from Mommy to Marathon.  
Stats from runkeeper (I'll post my place/official time as soon as I get it.):
Avg. Pace
Avg Speed

IntervalsPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)
0.25 mi (fast)11:364
0.25 mi (steady)13:07-5
0.25 mi (steady)14:49-0
0.25 mi (slow)12:515
0.25 mi (fast)14:23-1
0.25 mi (steady)13:52-2
0.25 mi (steady)13:102
0.25 mi (slow)14:120
0.25 mi (fast)12:42-5
0.25 mi (steady)13:20-1
0.25 mi (steady)16:442
0.25 mi (slow)14:312


  1. I am the lady you met today that was cheering you on at the finish line., You did IT!! No one can take that away from you. the high I had after my first race lasted for weeks. Look how far you have com....and what determination can accomplish. Proud of you Liz! Hope to run with you again sometime.

  2. Thanks Lori! I really appreciated you being there and I can't wait for the next race!

  3. p.s. you should check out this link if you are on facebook, Moms Run This Town are trying to start a bunch of different chapters, including one in logan. We just need more people to join in.

  4. Congratulations, Liz! You are amazing! I'm so proud of you and you are an amazing example to me. Keep up the good work. Love you!

  5. Congratulations on finishing your first 5K! That is a great time as well. I just hope to get as good of a time. You are awesome to go out and get running! I am very excited to do mine in 2 weeks. Hope I have the same surprising speed as you do. I am not sure how much if any is uphill though. Glad to hear that you didn't get frustrated with all the little things that came up just as the race was starting. Never let those little things get in the way of your goals. Do you have a race planned already for the 10K? If so when and where?

  6. Thanks Lisa. I can't wait to see how you do too. It's really not as hard as it seems and when you get done you feel soooo amazing. My 10k is going to be in Heber city at Swiss days. It's Labor Day weekend so I have about four months to get ready for 6.2 miles. I'm hoping for an even better pace then.

  7. Good job Liz!! I'm glad everything went well after the start! Hopefully I can run with you too, as soon as I get better! ;) Love you!

  8. Wahoooo! Congratulations!!! LOVE the photos!!! I'm up for my first one this Friday a.m. w/ the Jelly Bean virtual, then May 7th will be my first "real" live 5K!!! So so excited that I almost start crying when I think about finishing it!!! :) :) HA HA I'm such a dork!

  9. A big congratulations to you on completing your first 5K! Races become addicting...just wait. ;)

    Visiting and now following you via Christy's blog; it's been so nice for me to find so many 'running' blogs! Looking forward to reading along!


  10. Finallyfit, I guess I am in the dork category too. I acctually did cry when I got to the end of my race. It just feels so good. Good luck with your races coming up! I'll be cheering for you from here.
    Angie, I think I'm already addicted. In fact, I'm working on ways to pay for what I call my "running habit" Welcome to my blog and I hope you like it.

  11. I posted about your first 5K on my blog becasue its a BIG deal. Its awesome that you did it and yes runners high is amazing! Keep up the good work and keep pushing yourself to the next level....oh and the community around running is priceless.

  12. Congratulations! Your first 5K is a big deal and to feel amazing makes it even better.

  13. Congrats on finishing your first 5K! You rocked it! That is a great time!

  14. Congratulations on your first 5k! It sounds like a wonderful day.

  15. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for linking up!