Monday, November 15, 2010

It's mine, all mine!!!!

It's coming.....Soon, this will be the view at my house.  Winter is coming and guess what, I'm a wimp in the cold.  There are so many studies saying how good exercising in the cold is for you(as long as you do it correctly) But honestly, I hate the cold.  This, of course, puts a damper on my running goals.  Sure I could bundle up and brave the weather as so many other die-hard runners do....but as mentioned above, I'm a wimp.  What is a heat loving girl to do?  What I've been doing since August....find a treadmill. Well, last week I finally did it. I found a used one that wasn't to beaten up for a reasonable price and now I can run without fear of old man winter.

There she is.  She even folds up so I can have my craft room and my exercise room.  I found another benefit...more time with my girls.  I know I bought the double jogging stroller to take them with me, but due to   life, I don't have as much one on one time with them as I would like.  I hate taking even more of it to go for a run.  This could only happen when they were both awake and happy anyway, a very rare thing.  So now, 5:30 every morning my alarm goes off and I take 30 minutes to myself while they sleep to work out.  I'm not anywhere near where I want to be, my legs and muscles are so weak that going at a speed of 3.5 nearly turns them to jelly.  Each day I need to work a bit harder so I can run again!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not so much fun

So my annual fall cold has settled in, which makes running out.  I can barely breath and the day is punctuated by what should be sneezing fits.  I would LOVE it if that would actually happen, but no.  My body likes to tease me.  My nose starts to tickle, the tension builds up and.....nothing, my eyes start looking like I just watched a good chick flick and my nose turns into a waterfall.  Long story short, I don't feel good.  The really bad news, besides not being able to exercise, is I'm one of those illogical people that when they feel horrible instead of eating healthy foods and taking better care of themselves, eat junk.  This weekend gave me plenty opportunity.  Halloween and I were good friends, but I'm feeling it now.  Time to go buy some orange juice and Sudafed.  Maybe I should take a nap too........