Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not so much fun

So my annual fall cold has settled in, which makes running out.  I can barely breath and the day is punctuated by what should be sneezing fits.  I would LOVE it if that would actually happen, but no.  My body likes to tease me.  My nose starts to tickle, the tension builds up and.....nothing, my eyes start looking like I just watched a good chick flick and my nose turns into a waterfall.  Long story short, I don't feel good.  The really bad news, besides not being able to exercise, is I'm one of those illogical people that when they feel horrible instead of eating healthy foods and taking better care of themselves, eat junk.  This weekend gave me plenty opportunity.  Halloween and I were good friends, but I'm feeling it now.  Time to go buy some orange juice and Sudafed.  Maybe I should take a nap too........

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