Monday, April 25, 2011

Jelly bean 5k (gps woes)

So last Friday I completed my second 5k!  It was the Jelly bean virtual 5k put on by Run with Jess.  I have been having some trouble with my phone lately (missed calls not showing, texts coming late)  So when I set out for my run I wanted to be sure I had some way to track it just in case the GPS didn't work.  I mapped out my path and set my runkeeper intervals to time rather than distance.   Five minutes in I knew I was right, my stats said I my average pace was 17:30 and that I had gone less than .25 miles.  At this point I just focused on running when I planned and using my walking intervals.  About halfway through the run I almost laughed out loud when I heard, "Average pace 30 seconds.  Distance 70 miles."  Yeah, something was definitely wrong.  I can't go that fast in my car, let alone on my two feet.
This is what my run looked like according to
my malfunctioning GPS

Final results? As near as I can figure, I finished in 42:30, about the same time as my first 5k. I'm pretty proud of that, second "race" in a row and I didn't slow. I also learned a little tip from my husband: Every once in a while should shut your phone down. I really have no idea how long it had been since I last turned it off. Also, if you are still having trouble with your apps not working, try taking out the battery for a few minutes. After I did both of those my phone started to work better. I guess even electronics need a little break.


  1. I'm proud of you Liz! You are amazing!

  2. Great job! And I understand about the phone. I have to remind myself to wear down my battery until my phone dies and then charge it so it can get a good recharge.

  3. YAY Liz! Congrats on your second race!!! Yeah the only thing I didn't like about running outside is not having a garmin or something to track my speed, etc. My friend just timed us on her iphone he he :) :) AGAIN...whoo hoo for you!!!! :) :)

  4. That is too funny about your GPS! You are turning into Little Miss Speedy Pants! I would have been laughing out loud for a while when I heard it. When I looked at the map that you posted, I did laugh out loud!! Keep it up Liz! You are doing awesome.

  5. Congratulations on your second 5k! It always surprises me that electronics need to be restarted, but they do seem to work so much better afterward.