Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Behind (and don't I wish I had one!)

So first of all, a huge WELCOME to all my new readers!  I've loved seeing your comments and encouragement.  I really hope you stick with me and get to see me reach the marathon next year!!!!!

That said,  I had a vacation planned this week (read: the girls and I are at my mom's to give daddy some much needed study time.)  This, of course, was before the UBP and the plan was to get back to blogging when I got home.  Funny how things NEVER go the way you plan. 

So, Here is the new plan.  I will still update with my training, it just will be quite a bit shorter than usual.  Yes, I am running on my vacation.  There are only TWO WEEKS LEFT!!!!  So crazy, I wasn't really sure I'd make it even this far.  Then, next week it will be back to updates as usual (with perhaps a few more nervous rants as RD gets closer.)
Since I've missed posting the last two sessions, here are quick summaries with more from tomorrow, running in my home town.

Wednesday Stats:


Avg. Pace

Avg. Speed

Friday Stats: (not Saturday because we were supposed to be at a cabin...that's another story)


Avg. Pace

Avg. Speed

Sorry I don't have the split times(they were good, if I remember correctly) for some reason runkeeper doesn't want to work on this computer.  Yet another reason to get myself a laptop.  Someday.....


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