Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5k training: day....I've lost count

So, I've never really thought about how much I use my computer, but I'm missing it right now.  Everything is saved there and it's just a bit faster than the one I'm using.  Anyway, I did go and run again today.  It took me a bit to get out the door.  I haven't run in 28 degree weather for awhile, but that's what it was this morning.  BRR.   I did get out there and decided to go up the road to the tracks,  walk I used to take with my mom quite often in high school.  Back then, it seemed like the longest distance and I never imagined going farther.
After my five minute warm up and my first interval, I was already at the tracks.  How did that happen?  Didn't it used to take me twenty minutes to get this far?  So I kept going, further and further.  Just before my halfway mark, I reach the base of the hill.  I may be in better shape, but I'm not up for hills yet.  It did feel good to make it to my friends old house.  Again, it seemed so far away when I was younger.  I turned around and came back just amazed at how far I could go now, and tripped.  So much for grace, but at least no-one saw.   I hope.  I slowed down for a bit to make sure I was okay, and that was the beginning of the end.  I've found if I slow at all during a run, I lose my focus.  So, what started out as 14:16 pace run ended at 14:53.  Still, much better than monday.  I can't wait to get back home and spend some good time writing some more detailed posts, questions people have asked and some good training tips I've found, and answering all your comments( I promise I do read them, for some reason the computer won't let me comment.  At least I can still post)
Distance       Duration       Avg Pace      Avg Speed
  2.10             31:00           14:53             4.03

Intervals Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
5:00 (warmup) 16:14 -3
2:30 (fast) 12:33 1
1:00 (slow) 15:07 -0
2:30 (fast) 12:52 -1
1:00 (slow) 16:59 2
2:30 (fast) 13:11 -4
1:00 (slow) 18:11 3
2:30 (fast) 14:08 -0
1:00 (slow) 15:56 -0
2:30 (fast) 14:41 2
1:00 (slow) 16:11 0
2:30 (fast) 14:28 2
1:00 (slow) 16:14 -1
5:00 (cooldown) 16:12 -1

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  1. It's a great feeling when you go further than you previously could and with more ease. Great job!