Thursday, April 14, 2011


I think I've had a break through!!!!!  The last three days I've been really focusing on eating better.  My diet up to now has been....well, anything I want, which is not the best.  Starting Tuesday, I replaced my lunch with a protein drink and a fiber bar.  The rest of my meals have been normal, with a few more fruits than before.  And the result?  I have had so much more energy.  I believe it's because I'm finally getting the nutrients I need and not filling my body with heavy junk.  Today was a HUGE day for me as far as running goes.  I didn't get too tired to run when I was supposed to and by the end didn't feel  like I was going to crash, such an amazing feeling.  Also, my pace was the fastest I've ever done so far, I shave 30 seconds off my average from Monday!!!
Well, It's getting late, and sleep is a very important part of health.  Plus I need go spend more time getting a very big SURPRISE for everyone tomorrow!!!!  (no hints, you'll just have to wait.....k maybe one, it will be a first for this blog.  There, now ponder that)

Avg. Pace
Avg Speed

IntervalsPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)
5:00 (warmup)15:307
2:30 (fast)11:521
1:00 (slow)18:37-1
2:30 (fast)12:023
1:00 (slow)17:440
2:30 (fast)13:042
1:00 (slow)15:350
2:30 (fast)13:07-3
1:00 (slow)16:230
2:30 (fast)12:58-2
1:00 (slow)15:401
2:30 (fast)11:46-5
1:00 (slow)19:01-0
5:00 (cooldown)15:33-1

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  1. Congrats on figuring out what works for you! Nutrition is such a tough thing to figure out. I know that's even more true when I'm running.