Thursday, April 14, 2011


So my run today......didn't happen.  I know it's just a list of excuses but here's why.
Day started bright and early with my two little girls chirping in their room.  I hopped in for a quick shower(don't worry, they can't get out so they didn't have free reign of the house)  and then it was time for breakfast.  Made waffles, got them all fed and remembered it was M's day for a home therapy visit. My house had pretty much exploded and the hubby gets home from work just in time to help me get it all cleaned up, he's so good.  Go the therapy done and I had about twenty minutes before I needed to head to take some pictures for a friend.  So did I run?  No(your paying attention, good)  I decided to go play outside for a bit, it was such a beautiful day.  Before I left, the hubby agreed to watch the girls while I got some easter shopping done after the photo shoot.  For anyone out there who is a mom, you can appreciate why I used this time to my full advantage.  The photo shoot took an hour, then I went to my stores.  What was supposed to be quick runs in and out of stores turned into a two-hour shopping trip.  It was successful, I did find a new pair of pants and two shirts.  Dressing rooms are so much nicer without two kids sitting in the cart yelling at you. nice.  When I arrived home, D told me he couldn't get M to take her nap(this is not an easy task these days.)  I could tell she was exhausted. What can a mom do?  It was a nice day so I figured, I'll run tonight, it will be fine.  Finally got her to sleep at 3 and remembered I still had things to do for a church activity at four.  After quite a bit of calling and a text or two, I got all my ducks in a row and went to the activity.  Now that was fun. 10 young girls dyeing 60 easter eggs.  They came up with some of the cutest ideas:Eyeballs, aliens, flowers.  So cute.  At six, when I got home, dinner crept up on me.  I looked outside thinking, maybe I'll go was raining so I put it off again with the missguided hope it would taper off before the night was over.
While we are waiting for the rice to cook, I look over and D has turned on hulu and the biggest loser!  I am such a huge fan!  Once again, I thought, "I'll just go after this is over."  I looked out the window with 30 minutes left in the show and I was raining again.  Then the wind started to blow.  All of the sudden the rain got louder.  Only it wasn't rain, it was hail.  I turned my attention back to the show and by the time those 30 minutes were up....We had a two-inch blanket of snow on our front lawn.  I gave up.
I've learned a very important lesson....If the weather is nice, go for your run.  Don't wait and plan on mother nature keeping it that way, especially if you live in Utah.  Oh well, at least it was sunny for the photo shoot.


  1. I have a Nike ad taped up at my desk. It says: If you think you'll have more time to run tomorrow, remember, you said that yesterday. I love it and look at it everyday!

    Hope you have a beautiful day soon to get a run in, but glad you enjoyed the sun you had for the photo shoot!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  3. I love that quote. Pretty sure I'm going to have to make a cute printout and hang it somewhere in my house. Thanks Debbie.

  4. I think your first mistake was showering. ;) I am always more likely to run if I wait to shower after.

    Seriously though, it's a learning experience. Yes, you gave up some opportunities to run and because of that ran out of opportunities. Recognizing that fact makes it more likely you'll follow through on the opportunities next time.

    PS: I added you to my blog roll. Liking what I've read.