Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5k Training: Day Seven

Spring is on it's way here and I can feel it!  I woke up today to rain.  Not snow, rain.  While I don't enjoy being wet (at all!) I love the 50 degree weather.  Much better than -5.  Today I decided to give my husband a break and wait until the kids were asleep before I left.  I walked out the door and immediately thought about turning around and going right back in.  It was raining, yuck!  As I started pouting about the little drizzle coming down I remembered the time I ran through snow.  If I could push myself through the slush, I could make it through a drippy sky.  Who knows, maybe the rain would keep me cool, bonus!
Spring brings change, gone is the dreary monotony of winter, new life begins and variety all around.  With this thought on my mind, I decided to take a different running path today.  One foot in front of the other, I pushed my way forward.  Suddenly I realized, today was the first time I wouldn't be adding time to my run.  The training plan I'm following gets to twenty minutes and then after you get used to the one minute run/one minute walk  it ups the time for running.  I am almost halfway to my 5k.  Wow.  So, if I'm running the same amount  of time I ran on Monday.....I guess I should try to at least do as well, right?  The instant this thought flitted through my mind, wind joined the rain in testing my resolve.  I could feel the desire to quit.  It's so cold, rain covering my glasses, my hair and jacket soaked, couldn't I just do half and be done?  I went out right?  I tried.  The only thing that kept me going today, was this blog.  I wanted to be able to come home, get on the internet and say I had finished.  So many people have inspired me through their determination, I want to be one of them.  I don't want to only go half-way.  I don't want people like me, who struggle with running, walking, and physical activity, to see me fail.  We all need someone to finish, to follow and keep going, Even when it's hard.  I'm not sure how many of you are out there, but if you are reading this, DON'T QUIT!  I didn't, and I won't.  Anyone can get out there and move, it's not always easy.  It certainly isn't always fun, but, as the saying goes, fake it till you make it.  Today, I had to fake it. Plodding along I just told myself to keep moving, just move.  Cold and soaked to the bone, I finished.

Avg. Pace
Avg Speed


IntervalsPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)
5:00 (warmup)12:59-1
1:00 (fast)11:50-0
1:00 (slow)15:21-0
1:00 (fast)12:270
1:00 (slow)16:581
1:00 (fast)12:211
1:00 (slow)21:31-1
1:00 (fast)10:16-1
1:00 (slow)14:382
1:00 (fast)12:28-1
1:00 (slow)17:30-1
1:00 (fast)13:371
1:00 (slow)16:40-0
1:00 (fast)13:34-0
1:00 (slow)16:14-2
1:00 (fast)11:503
1:00 (slow)16:08-0
1:00 (fast)12:44-2
1:00 (slow)16:541
1:00 (fast)13:502
1:00 (slow)17:030
5:00 (cooldown)17:56-1

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