Sunday, March 20, 2011

5k Training: Day nine

I learned an important lesson today, technology is not foolproof.  I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes there are glitches and the computer (or phone) you are relying on just...flops.  I started on my run with the best of intentions.  A little nervous for the extra half mile, but I was excited with my progress so far.  The first five minutes flew by and it was time to run.  I picked up the pace, determined not to waver today.  I kept running, and running, and....running?  Hadn't I reached the quarter mile yet?  I was sure it should have been at that house back there...
hmmmm....chimes and....five minutes?  It had never taken me five minutes to run a quarter mile.  Something was wrong.  I pulled my phone (isn't it pretty!  I got the pink one....oh yeah, the story) out to look at the runkeeper....Time: ten minutes.  Distance:zero.  Zero?  How could it be Zero?  Hadn't I just run through two songs?  There is a little dot on the corner of my phone that tells the strength of the gps and it was an x.  Basically, I had no gps so my phone wasn't tracking how far I had gone.  Disappointed and a little worn, I sat down, not on the road but a little bench I happened to be near, and began troubleshooting.  Ten minutes later I had a green light, I was good to go.  Well, at least my phone was. I felt a little disheartened and wanted to just go home.  However, I got up and started the workout again.
Sometimes life throws us a curveball, but I'm  happy to say I took it in stride, literally.  Today was not my best time, I didn't run very fast but I did it.  I finished the planned running schedule, slowly, but I did it.  On the up side, I found out I can run for five minutes  without stopping.  My little glitch added .75 miles to my run; and I learned to always check my  technology before I head out.

Avg. Pace
Avg Speed
This isn't including the bonus run

IntervalsPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)
5:00 (warmup)15:240
0.25 mi (fast)15:020
0.25 mi (slow)17:14-2
0.25 mi (fast)13:130
0.25 mi (slow)16:464
0.25 mi (fast)13:364
0.25 mi (slow)17:47-6
0.25 mi (fast)14:04-1
0.25 mi (slow)16:410
5:00 (cooldown)19:16-3

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