Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5k Training: Day Seven

Wow! Just WOW!  When I said I felt that I could have run better earlier in the day with my new focus on stride I didn't imagine this.  I can't even wait until the end of the post to put up my stats so here they are:

Avg. Pace
Avg Speed

IntervalsPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)
5:00 (warmup)15:132
1:00 (fast)10:251
1:00 (slow)17:23-0
1:00 (fast)11:21-0
1:00 (slow)15:33-1
1:00 (fast)12:271
1:00 (slow)17:54-1
1:00 (fast)13:070
1:00 (slow)16:421
1:00 (fast)12:562
1:00 (slow)14:580
1:00 (fast)13:353
1:00 (slow)21:01-1
1:00 (fast)11:460
1:00 (slow)24:35-1
1:00 (fast)11:28-3
1:00 (slow)14:50-1
1:00 (fast)12:32-1
1:00 (slow)16:222
1:00 (fast)12:48-1
1:00 (slow)16:451
5:00 (cooldown)17:13-1

Only two minutes were above a 13 minute pace, and I have my best time ever!  10:25 pace!  I didn't know I could get anywhere near that.  As I was running I realized that my endurance is improving.  If you've been reading, nearly everyday has had at least one point of walking, an unplanned shut down of my body.  This time, I didn't have that. I simply kept moving.  Did I get tired?  Yeah.  Were my legs burning?  Of course.  Yet, for the first time, I was able to push through it and keep moving.  Each time my rest minute was over, I picked up the pace and ran.  Changing my running form has helped as well.  Using less vertical movement helped me to go faster.  I wasn't in near the pain after my run.  I like this!

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