Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sad day...

So, I finished little M's therapy today and went bounding out the door for day two of Zumba!  I was soo excited and today, M was even going to come with me to wear out for a nap play with the other kids.  I think she may have been just as excited as I was.  We pulled up to the building and...No other cars.  Hmmm....Did I get the day right?  It had to be Wednesday.  Then a white flutter caught my eye.  A note.  That's never a good sign.  It said Zumba was cancelled.  Some silliness about the instructor not wanting to spread pinkeye.  *rolling eyes*  Drove back home.  Now what?  I really wanted to do that today.....So we improvised.  Zumba is a great latin dance workout.  I decided to use another great dance-Big Band Swing.  We cranked up some Glenn Miller and had a dance party in the living room!
It really only lasted through two songs and M disappeared into her toy room.  With S asleep, I decided to turn on a video to get some more activity in.  As soon as I turned it on, S woke up and M came running out.  My husband got to see first hand why I can't work out at home. I'm trying to do this great lunge move and both girls are balling at my feet, trying to climb into my arms.  All this, while their daddy is a foot away trying to get their attention.  None of it, they just want momma, but today I didn't give in.  Now, I understand it is really important to play with my kids.  I love to, in fact.  However, in case you doubt my motives, the INSTANT I turn off my video both girls stop crying give me kisses and leave.  I waited a few minutes, pretty sure they were busy again.  I turn it back on and....crying, clamoring, they are back.  Yeah.  They don't care if I actually play with them, they just don't want me doing a workout video.
And that, my friends, is why I rarely cross-train.  Running takes me out of the house and they are ok with that.   If I'm home, I must not do anything, even if daddy is around.  Oh well.....At least I have them and they want me.  I know all too soon that will end.  I better enjoy it while I can.

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