Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day one...again

Yesterday was the Official first day of my 10k training!  I can't believe I'm really going to do this.  I'm all signed up so there's no backing out now (not that I want to, it's just nice to be committed)  and so are both of my friends.  I've been reading how many of you have running buddies, some have never run on their own, but I've yet to have one.  To be honest, I really enjoy training on my own.  It's my time, I don't have to worry about slowing anyone down or keeping a conversation going, I just run and zone out.  However, I have decided I really HATE the wait time before a race.  We found out that taking the kids really isn't a good idea.  They get bored, hungry and tired so I'm excited to have friends at this race to chat with while we wait for the start.  Now I'm getting ahead of myself, I still have thirteen weeks of training.  Long training.  In one month I will be running the farthest distance I have ever gone, and it will only increase each weekend as I move toward 10k.

That said, I feel like I'm finally settling in to running.  It's not so much of a challenge, I even look forward to it and miss it on my rest days.  One health goal in place.  Now it's time to focus on my eating.  The fuel I put into my body.....isn't the best.  I like to eat.  I love sugar, chocolate, fried foods....all sorts of things that have gotten me to where I am.  Ironically, it's not my weight that is pushing me to make a change(though heaven knows I need some help in that area)  It's my running.  I know I could do so much better and be so much faster if my body had all the nutrients it needs and none of the extras it doesn't.   I want to be fast, I want to run a MARATHON,  I need to take care of my equipment.  Once again, to keep me on track, I'm going to post.  Not here, don't worry, this will still be about running.  I may occasionally let you know how I'm doing, but my sister will be the one checking up on me, making sure I'm keeping up with my goals and such.

Oh, so my training run?  Not the best start.  My husband gets to go in later for a few days, so I took advantage of that yesterday.  I woke at 6 am to go for 30 minutes.  I looked outside and it was raining.  It didn't look too bad and I wasn't sure I would have another opportunity if I put if off.  So I donned my clothes and headed out the door.  Somehow, looking out the window, I missed the fact that the trees were not still.  It was blowing.  Hard.  Luckily, the first have was in the direction and so I felt fine.  In fact, I was doing really well.  Then I turned the corner to come home.  Rain started pelting my face, arms and hands.   Runkeeper chimed for my final interval and I just couldn't do it.  My legs wouldn't go any faster, I was numb from head to toe.  I decided to simply finish.  The irony of it all?  That probably would have been a new record for pace.  Even with all the walking, I got my average pace.  It's okay,  I run again on thursday and  it's supposed to be nice weather!


Avg. Pace
Avg Speed

IntervalsPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)
5:00 (warmup)14:498
4:00 (fast)13:17-1
1:00 (slow)15:483
4:00 (fast)13:08-3
1:00 (slow)14:38-3
4:00 (fast)13:331
1:00 (slow)14:25-0
4:00 (fast)14:25-3
1:00 (slow)14:04-2
5:00 (cooldown)16:261


  1. 'Day one's are spreading the fresh vibe. I love this post, you're such an inspiration! Good luck!

  2. I thrive for my solo runs, though I do enjoy running with friends as well sometimes.

    Looking forward to reading about your 10k journey!

  3. Whoo hoo! This is so exciting!

    My coworker and I are going to start doing the her Bridge to 10k program, too!