Thursday, June 2, 2011

Virtual 5k's

In the last few days I have found four virtual 5k coming up (ok three of them came from Just Trying is for Little Girls, but still....) And I wanted to let you all know in case you need some incentive to run more, like running races, or just want to try and win some cool prizes while doing what you already do.

Spibelt Suff it and run 5k-put on by Moms Run This Town.  MRTT is a local-turned-national running club for women.  The race is for women only(sorry fellas) with a Spibelt as the prize. You can run 3.1 anyday between June 1 and June 30.  They will be doing a new race each month during the summer, so check back on their blog for more prizes!

Virtual Race for Autism 5k-Alicia is raising money with Train4Autism.  She is asking that you donate in exchange for entrance into the race.  You need to finish by June 10th.  She has 30 prizes available so your odds of winning something are really good.  Plus, what a GREAT cause!

Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k-Adam at The Boring Runner will be hosting this on June 25th.  Yes, just one day but it can be part of a longer run...No prizes listed yet, but hey, with a name like that, it just sounds fun.

The Independence 5k-This one is July 3-9.  Just run 3.1 between those dates.  She has some good sponsors(Bondi Band anyone?) and I'm already signed up for this one.  I have to have something to keep me motivated with all the holiday family and food.


  1. sweet. thanks for the heads up

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the shout out for Moms RUN This Town!! :) Glad to have you join us!

  4. OH yeah baby!!! I got a bunch of girlfriends to run the Virtual insanity w/ me!!! whoo hoo!