Sunday, June 19, 2011

Race Recap: Nibley Heritage 5k

First a few race shout-outs:

Congrats to everyone who ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay this weekend, including Hillary Frisbee and SupermomeE12 at See Mom Run Far  You people AMAZE me!

Yay for my sister-in-law who finished her first 5k!  She's been dealing with an injury so she walked it, while pushing her kids in a jogging stroller!  With all of that, she still finished in 48:40  Way to go Kendra!

There are sooo many more of you out there, congratulations to you all!

Now on to the main event.....

Here's the short version:
Small town, Fun run=mild disorganization but lots of people to talk to while we wait.
My goals: Well, I made two out of three.  I definitly didn't start too fast and I didn't run more than the 5 minutes. The time, well....My annual spring cold showed up...43:56 according to runkeeper and 44:13 by the clock.
5th out of 5 in my age group, not sure of my overall, but I know I wasn't last.

Long version:

Like I mentioned above, my annual cold decided to make a visit this week.  Each year as the season changes, I get this nasty cold where my nose closes off and my lungs seem constantly full of fluid and not air.  Really it's not too bad (meaning no trip to the doctor necessary) but this year it was just annoying.  I had finished my run on Tuesday feeling good and really excited about the race and my pace.  Then Wednesday, my little friend decided to show up.  I really thought I had avoided it this year, it usually comes around in April or May, but I guess with the late spring it was just delayed.  I took Thursday off, planning to rest my body because I really, really wanted to run the 5k.  I knew I needed to revise my goals, and I sort of did in my head.  I planned to simply finished and be proud that I had run another race.  Of course, that's easier said than done, I'm fiercely competitive with myself.

waiting for it to start
Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful.  Both Big D and I woke, got dress and ate some toast.  I was more than a little nervous but my lungs felt pretty good.  We headed out the door at 6:55 to walk down to the park.  The race was supposed to start at 7:15.  As soon as I saw the line waiting to get their bibs I knew it was going to be a later start.  We waited for awhile, got our bibs and headed over to the start.  As I looked back, more and more people were showing up.  It was a FREE 5k so I wasn't really surprised at the numbers, but I think the organizers were.  While we waited for everyone else to finish, I saw my parents walking down the street with my girls.  I had planned on just having them take pictures when we  went past the house but my dad wanted to get some at the start.  It's a good thing he did.

And they're off!
Finally, I'm not sure what time, they had all the people running the 5k group together on one side of the road and the 1 milers on the other.  We waited for a little bit, I got my music going and my runkeeper ready.  All of the sudden I heard people saying, "They've started.  Go, go, go."  I just laughed and started out.  I kept it nice and slow even though tons of people were passing me.  I just hoped not to be last.  Big D stayed with my for a little bit, but I knew he could go faster.  I told him to go ahead and I'd catch up at the end.  Five minutes into the race I thought, "Hey, maybe I can meet my goal."  I was feeling good, I started off at my normal pace.  It helped that the route was one that I follow quite often so I just thought of it as a training run.  I'd done this tons of times before, I could do it again.  I kept Big D in my sights deciding to use him as my rabbit.  As long as he didn't get too far ahead of me, I was okay.

I wish I looked better,
but here we are together
About 1.5 miles in I had my first little seeds of doubt.  My legs were starting to hurt.  Not, injury and I need to stop hurt.  More, I'm not getting enough oxygen and they have no energy hurt.  I couldn't breath through my nose at all and my lungs were really started to protest at all the fresh air.  I finally decided to slow down and walk a bit.  I felt much better and I could still see Big D.  I listened to my runkeeper and my pace was still good, I could make my goal!  It might be exactly the same as last time, but still....I could do it, right?  I started to run/walk again, though much slower.  The corner where we would to go past my house was coming up and I knew seeing my girls and my parents would give me a big boost!  I looked up, watching the people in front of  me, anxious to make that last turn.  Something was wrong.  Why were all the people turning left?  They were supposed to go right at this corner, weren't they?  Then I saw the pieces of tape that had been marking the path.  Sure enough they turned left.  I could have cried right there.  My mind shut down immediately and I knew I wouldn't make my goal.  I know I could have, my body had the ability but with only a quarter of a mile left my mind was just done.  I caught up with Big D hoping for a mental lift.  I should have known something was up, at my pace he should have been long gone.  His leg was hurting him.  He decided to walk the rest of the race so he wouldn't hurt himself.  This was the farthest he had ever gone and his body protested loudly.

So, here I was.  Almost at the end.  My husband was doing great, but had reached his limit.  I wouldn't see my girls till after the race, and I wasn't really even sure where the finish was.  I told Big D to call my parents and tell them to meet us at the finish.  I really wanted to make one last push and finish strong.  I took off jogging, got a little ahead of him and then I just....I couldn't make it over my mental mountain.  I should have stayed with Big D and run across the finish with him, but I really wanted to keep trying for my time goal.  In the end, I did run, not walk, across the finish, and I did smile.  I turned around to watch for my hubby and saw him cross just a few seconds behind me.  Turns out he decided he could run the last little bit.  It was good to see his face.  He finished his first 5k and I couldn't be prouder of him!

All in all, I'm really glad I ran.  Even though I didn't PR, I learned a little about mental toughness.  Mostly I learned that it's something I really need to work on before I get to my marathon.  Races don't always go the way you hope.  Things happen.  Some are caused by other people, and sometimes it's your own body not co-operating. The important thing is to get out and try.  If you don't try then you've already failed.

Interesting people I met:
There were a TON of my neighbors there that I didn't know liked to run....I'm definitely planning talking to a few of them about running together.  I just need to find a running buddy who goes at my pace.

When we started off, I noticed four ladies in matching blue shirts.  On the back it said, "This seemed like a good idea in January."  I was curious who they were and at the end  I got to talk to two of them.  They are a group of friends who have decided to all run 11 5k's in 2011.  I thought that was a really fun idea.  I may have to see if I can get a group together for something like that next year.

Those of you who follow on my facebook page already know about this last one.  While we were waiting around for the start, I saw someone exciting!  Justin, from Season 11 of The Biggest Loser was there. He was running with his son.  I really wanted to get a picture with him, but I was a little embarrassed to ask (you would think I'd learn after the last time and just do it.)  When everyone was standing around at the end of the race, I heard another lady ask for a picture and I took the chance.  I got one.  He is super nice and it turns out he live just down the street from me.  Small world.

Avg. Pace
Avg Speed

5:00 (fast)12:204
1:00 (slow)16:020
5:00 (fast)13:045
1:00 (slow)15:530
5:00 (fast)14:134
1:00 (slow)16:400
5:00 (fast)13:30-7
1:00 (slow)16:35-1
5:00 (fast)14:20-4
1:00 (slow)16:212
5:00 (fast)13:50-5
1:00 (slow)16:152
5:00 (fast)15:12-3
1:00 (slow)14:202
5:00 (fast)15:01


  1. Whoo hoo! AWESOME job! Isn't it the best feeling to finish!!!? And ur so lucky to meet Justin - I'm a huge B.L. fan!!! :) Congrats again!

  2. Aw, congratulations, on another successful race, girl.

    So awesome that you met Justin and I'm so glad you got a picture with him.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out and CONGRATS!! on your race. That is awesome! I am so impressed with what you are doing and your wonderful spirit about it all. Keep it up!!!

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word... I have a huge fundraising giveaway going on with over $650 worth of prizes.
    Thanks so much!!

  4. Aww thanks Liz!! Chris is doing his first 5k on July 8th, hopefully I can still get on board with that one. Hope your knee feels better soon! Love Ya!!!