Friday, June 10, 2011

The numbers....Oh the NUMBERS!

Okay, So I have decided the scale and I.....we need a break.  I have been doing so well with getting out and just running but I know my size is really slowing me down.  I do need to focus on getting healthier(translation, not have ice cream every night before bed.  Realizing chocolate is NOT a food group)  My eating habits aren't the best and I can tell even more now than ever before.  The problem is, every time I focus on losing weight, I psych myself out and end up eating more just "prove" I can't do it.  The little red numbers that pop up scare me.  I don't want to see them any more.  Therefore, I propose a change in the plans for me.

First- no more scale.  Really and honestly, I don't care what I weigh as long as I am healthy and my cloths fit.  If I set a goal of a certain number, I may not get there in the best way, or I really get mad at myself for not reaching the number.  This, of course, lead to some emotional eating and know the cycle.  That said, I do need to track my progress in some way...

Second-measurments twice a week(wrote this late at night, meant every other week.)  I'm going to post them here so you can see my progress as well.  This is a much better number for me.  1. because I will only check twice per week *month* and 2. I've already seen my waist go down two inches from when I started running while the scale hasn't budged.

Third, and final goal-Track my eating.  I'm simply going to track everything that passes my lips.  I will have a plan to follow.  Not calories, but how many fruits, veggies, protiens and starches I eat and try not to eat any extras.  For each month I successfully follow the plan, no matter what the numbers look like on the scale or measuring tape, I will get a reward.

I really want to focus on integrating good habits. Any diet that works in the long term requires change.  It can't just be a diet, but has to be a lifestyle change for healthy eating.  You can lose weight doing almost anything-calories in, calories out-but the important thing to me is to eat healthy, act healthy, become healthy.  If the numbers move too, great!  If they don't, I am at least trying to become a better me.


  1. Scales always depress me. I'm just trying to focus on making good choices as well and tracking other things besides what the number on the scale says

  2. Smart! Just focus on being a healthier you. The rest will follow.

  3. I do the same mostly. I decided to avoid the scale but once in a while I look since I have lost so many inches I am sure I have lost. Ya well I am finally at 2 lbs since I started. Hard to believe since I average 10+ miles a week. Oh well. I do measurements too but I think you are a little over board if you do it more than once a week. I do mine about once a month. I think more than that is putting too much focus on the numbers. I care more about how I feel and how my runs are going. Good luck and don't worry about your size so much. Worry about clean eating fruits, veggies, and lean meats. We switched to whole wheat bread. I buy hearth farms 100% stone ground wheat at macey's. It has higher protein than most bread and less sugar too. It is over by the doughnuts section in a center thingy not with the rest of the bread. Check it out it is usually less than the other brands too. I am sure you will get over this hard time with eating. I would suggest starting with lessening what the bad stuff not just cutting it out or you will go into eat anything mode. I still have treats every once in a while I just have to be careful not too often. Good luck finding balance! If I ever figure out a fix for me I will let you know but we all struggle with it so don't stress too much.