Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Wind in the Willows

That happens to be a favorite book of mine, but today it took on a new meaning.

I went for my walk today, planning on breaking my speed record of 16:30/mi.  It started out great, the kids were happy, it's a beautiful 50 degrees, couldn't have picked a better day.  I turned on runkeeper and looked at the gps strength...Nothing, just an x.  Well, this has happened before, usually I just have to start it again and problem solve. Re-started...nothing, still and x.  Re-start again, nothing.  Finally on the third re-start I got the green spot, I'm good to go.  Now, I should have known starting off that way something was bound to keep me from my goal.  I should have known.  As I turned the corner of my first quarter mile, the wind picks up.  Here's a little confession: not having ever really been a runner, and the few times I did run being always on a treadmill, I never understood  why runners complained about wind slowing their time.  My brother and sisters ran track and any time the wind coincided with a track meet they were angry, the goals they had set for the day were going to be impossible to achieve.
With all the background I should have known.  I should have known, especially since I was not only running by myself, but I was pushing a double jogging stroller.  I started out at a steady 16:30 but as the wind picked up, my pace dropped to 17:30, then 17:45.  I was so disappointed, not only was I not going to break my record but I was worse than I had been since I began.  My pace was so slow, maybe I should just give up and go home, maybe I was done for the day.  Then I rounded the corner, the sun shone bright and, typical to local weather, the wind stopped.   Not decreased, not became a breeze, it stopped, dead still.
There was a new hope, no wind!  So I dared to try something new.  I had to cut quite a bit of time to make my goal.  I hadn't run with the jogging stroller yet and I wasn't sure I could do it.  I only went in little spurts, about a minute each, but I did it.  I ran three times before the two miles were up and dropped my pace down to the lowest it had ever been  16:04!  It was amazing.  I went from what I was sure would be my worst pace ever to the best.  A good day.

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