Monday, June 11, 2012

Where are they now....

It has been a long time since I've been on here and, frankly, almost everything has changed.  My goals are all different now and my running has changed quite a bit.  That said, I am sticking to my resolution and still running, it's just different.
In January, my husband and I found out we are expecting our third child.  Well, that threw any hopes of running my first half-marathon this year right out the window.  Postpone that one till next year.  So, my major goal for the year was gone. Eh, that's okay, I just set a new one.  I had spent the last year teaching myself to like running and building up enough endurance to run for 30 minutes without walking, a HUGE deal for me.  I did NOT want to give that up.  I've worked to hard to follow the path of my last two pregnancies.  That path included and almost completely sedentary life with a weight gain of between 20 and 40 pounds.  Not good for someone my size.  Therefore, my new resolution was to run/walk one 5k each month during my pregnancy.  I talked with my doctor and, after cautioning me to be careful and listen to my body, he gave me the green light.  I'm not allowed to increase mileage, but I can do it for as long as I feel ok.

How am I doing with that? Well, last weekend I ran my 5th 5k in six months.  Not too bad.  Since I haven't really being blogging.  (who am I kidding, I haven't looked at my blog since January) I'm pretty sure I won't get to full recaps for all of my races.'s the condensed version:

January: Technically, this one was one the 31st of December.  It was an end of year 5k with some amazing people in a local running club.  Finished in 42:15.  Most interesting part,  I lost my car keys so we had to walk back along the path to find them.  Since then, any time we run together, they all make sure I have my keys :)

February:  I was supposed to do a sweetheart race but had to back out because of a horrible cold.  I figured if I could barely breath sitting still, running was probably not the best idea.

March: Smithfield Shamrock Shuffle.  I went into this with the goal of not walking at all.  That fell through when the first 1/2 mile was uphill into a killer headwind.  I did manage to run the rest of it though.  Finished in 43:06

April:  Pink Series 5k.  Awesome course, all downhill.  I finally made my goal of running and entire 5k with no walking and a HUGE PR.  It may have been a little cheat because of the course, but I'll take it!  Time  39:49

May:  EIF Revlon Run/walk for women  Such an incredible experience.  I didn't race this one, instead I walk with I don't know how many other people through the streets of LA to raise money for research on women's cancer.  The most amazing part was getting to walk with my sister, a breast cancer survivor.  Thanks to an early mammogram, her cancer was caught in the very beginning stages and she has been cancer free for two years.  Don't put it off ladies.  Time 67:21

June:  Bear Lake 5k.  This was just last weekend. Gorgeous day, perfect weather and my beautiful little family waiting for me at the finish.  I'm definitely slowing down, but at almost six months along, I'm ok with that. Time 46:18.  Oh yeah, one of my best friends and her husband ran their first half-marathons this weekend too, they finished in 2:09:12.  It was so fun to watch them cross that finish line and I'm super proud of their time!

Well, that brings you all up to date with where I am now.  This afternoon is another check-up with the doc.  Based on my home scale I'm only up about 5 lbs so far, but we'll see what the official number is...

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  1. Liz, you are amazing! Keep up the great work. I'm so glad you are taking care of yourself and valuing your health the way you are. You are such an amazing person and there is no way your babies will "look past" what you do for them. You are such a good example to them! Love you!