Monday, December 12, 2011

update and some running gear deals

Obviously I have been gone for a bit.  These last few months have been full and I don't see myself coming back to my regular blogging schedule for a little while longer.  That said, I scored some awesome running gear deals that I just had to share for those, like me, who are on a tight budget.

-Old Navy had a discount code for 30% off right now.  I love their compression gear and I scored a pair of capris (I know, wrong season, but a deal is a deal) for $10.50 and a moisture-wicking jacket for $29.50.  I'm so excited and can't wait for that package to come.  By the way, the code is HOLIDAY

-My one and only BondiBand decided to take off last week.  I was so sad that it dissapeared but it gave me a reason to buy some more.  Finally.  I used the code FIVE to get five new BondiBands for $25.  A little bit more than a replacement, but hey, I'm worth it.

Quick update on me and running.

 -I have lost almost 20 pounds!   I participated in a local weightloss challenge and took third place and I feel so good.
 -I can now run for at least 15 minutes without walking.  That is huge for me since until September I had never run for more than five minutes at a time.
 -I have a tentative half marathon planned for April 2012.  There are a few factors that may change that.  However, if they fall through, I start training on December 26th and I can't wait!


  1. Congratulations on losing 20 pounds - that is huge! And during the holidays? You should be so proud!

  2. Way to go, Liz!! You are amazing and I hope everything else is working out for you...whatever "everything else" may be, I hope you know how amazing you are. Your family is so blessed to have you! 20 pounds is soooo awesome! SO. AWESOME. Wish I could commit to run a half with you! We're heading to OK mid-April. Love you!