Monday, September 12, 2011

A little hiatus...

...but I think I'm back.

In case you haven't noticed, it's been awhile since I blogged.  I'm sad to say it's been awhile since I ran as well.  I'm not really sure what happened.  I finished my 10k, which was amazing!  I even sprinted at the end to pass another runner, thanks to her encouragement (nothing gets the blood pumping like the person next to you yelling "Go, go, GO!")  And then....I just sort of quit.  My ankle and knee were hurting for the first few weeks I took off.  A ligitimate reason to take it easy, but the next three?  I really had no excuse.  Yes, I need new shoes, and it might be a little bit before I get them, but there is still some use left in the pair I have.  What really happened?

My 10k was a big milestone.  6.2 miles with a hill, and I did it.  I had finished.  Now what?  Yes, my next goal is to run a half-marathon, but honestly,  I don't know when, and after the 10k I really felt that I couldn't do it yet.  So I'm putting that one off for a bit.  That left me with no goal, no training plan.  So what did I do?  I gave up.  I came up with excuse after excuse not to get out and run.  Well, that ends today.

This morning I awoke at 6 a.m. and was out the door by 6:15.  It felt so good.  I was much slower than I've been, at times I felt I was running through jello, but I did it.  I have a goal, a training plan and it feels good.  Up until now, I've been doing the walk/run plan but I really would love to run a 5k without walking. Hey, I'd even settle for a mile without walking.  I was going through some old training plans and found one that takes eight weeks to get you running 30 minutes straight.  I'm starting on week two because the first one is 1/2 Run/walk...I'm a little beyond that.  So for the next seven weeks I will be out there four days a weeks building running time, not miles.  I'm excited and it gives me a reason to blog again. The reason I haven't been blogging?  Well, thats another story, which I may share.....later.


  1. Congrats on getting back in the saddle after your run. I too am in the midst of getting back at it.

  2. Hey! Way to go, getting back out there. I have to restart my running engine a couple times a year and it, stinks :( I admire your honesty and your that even a word?! Anyway, keep up the good work. YOU'RE WORTH IT!!