Wednesday, August 3, 2011

quick post

Yesterday was Track Tuesday, or speedwork.  Whichever you want to call it (actually, whichever I want to call it since this is my blog.  I should probably make a decision huh?  I hate that :)  Anyway, I was nervous because I hadn't been feeling well all weekend and had a nice little visitor.  My goal is to do 400 meters in 3:09.  I hadn't been able to get that goal, or be consistent at all in my times yet.  I really wanted to get home fast so as I began running, that was my mantra.  "The faster you run, the sooner you'll get home."  Four times around the "track" and I was finished.  A little worn out, but not too bad.  I was sure I had gotten my goal....maybe.  I came home and checked out runkeeper....I blew it out of the water!

Lap 1-3:01
Lap 2-2:36
Lap 3-3:03
Lap 4-2:45

Wow!  I guess it's time to go for a PR in the 5k.  My last one (which I never did a race report for)  was 43:37  Not my best time but far  from my worst.  And it was after only 5 hours of sleep, half before and half after a trip to the emergency room.  I might need to do a race recap.  This needs some explaining.  Anyway, there are a few 5k's coming up in my community so I'm looking into one that I can rock!

In other news, my 10k is coming up this weekend, hills up and down,  my earliest start time yet and no playlist.  I might be a little nervous.  At least I know I can run that far....

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  1. Whoo hoo! ::high fives:: Very nice job at the track, girl!